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Armoured catfish Sundaland noodlefish crappie powen, squawfish crocodile icefish sleeper shark.


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About UsLooking to the future since 1968...

At Yeni Antalya Logistics we’ve been operating since 1968 to provide the finest and most reliable service to our clients in every area of logistics.

Combining our years-long knowledge with an innovative outlook, we provide our clients with effective and adaptable solutions that draw from our expertise in the sector. Our cutting-edge digital infrastructure ensures that our operations run effectively under any circumstance.

With our global network who share in our vision for great service we aim to be a constant source of support for our clients and simplify the operational process for them in any way we can.

Thanks to our belief in transparent communication and the innovative solutions we offer we continue to be the number one choice for leading brands across sectors. Maintaining the quality of work our clients have come to expect from us and continuing to be deserving of their trust is one of our top priorities. In addition to carrying out international road, maritime, air, railroad and intermodal transport we also offer solutions in domestic transport, project freight forwarding and warehouse management.

We will continue to grow and reach new heights of achievement together with our partners and suppliers across the world.

We do more than offer logistics solutions. We share our experience.

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